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Our Value

In evaluating an advisor to provide you financial planning services you’d want to ask yourself five questions to get a better idea of their overall value.

  1. What does this person do?
  2. Who do they work for?
  3. How do they do what they do?
  4. What makes them different?
  5. Why do they work?

What do we do?

We plan for the most important financial goals in a person’s life such as planning for retirement, creating retirement income or managing an investment portfolio.  With each client that hires us, we measure of success by either making them more than the cost to hire us or saving them more than the cost to hire us every year.  Ultimately, we reduce stress in our clients’ lives by being a resource for them to make informed decisions based on their preferences

Who do we work for?

There are two primary groups that we serve: Pre-Retirees and Retirees.  In more general terms; Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964.

Pre-Retirees are typically in their peak earning years, the kids are out of the house and for the most part they are exclusively focused on Retirement.  They want to retire comfortably and would like to know what it will take to achieve this milestone.

Retirees are looking to create income from their nest egg and ensure that they do not run out of money.  Social Security Maximization is an important component to this overall strategy.

How do we serve clients?

The Financial Planning process is an important component to the service that we provide.  This process is fairly standard, but it’s important to know that when we work together we do go through a process.  To learn more about the financial planning process, please click here:


Next, the CFP® model defines the six key areas of financial planning as the following:

1.      Current Position: Managing cash flow and where to direct excess income

2.      Adequate Protection: Evaluating which insurances are appropriate for each stage of your planning

3.      Investments: Managing risk based on your preferences.

4.      Taxes: Prepared by a Tax advisor and we will discuss both ways to reduce taxes now as well as in Retirement

5.      Retirement: The plan will detail for us at what age and what dollar amount Retirement is affordable or what it will otherwise take to Retire comfortably

6.      Estate Planning: Prepared by an Attorney to provide for the orderly distribution of your Estate to your family and heirs

What makes us different?

First, our company is independent.  We are privately held and do not have any outside pressures from shareholders or a parent company influencing our recommendations.  As a result our advice is objective.

Second, Chris is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.  To learn more about the CFP® designation, please click here:

Why do we work?

To begin, Chris loves his work.  “I enjoy serving clients and vicariously participating in their success!” 

Next, we make a difference for clients.  As a country, we have had no formal education for financial planning in the past.  This is one of the main reasons that Chris entered this business.  “I got into this business so I could learn those details and internalize the information for people so when they tell me their preferences, I can filter which options might be the best fit for them.”

Finally, we’d like to leave you with one thought . . . .

Some of the most precious resources that we all have are our time and our money.  Please consider investing some of your time in meeting with Chris to see if we can complement what you’ve done so far with your planning.  Ultimately, our goal is for you to enjoy more of your time NOT worrying about your money!