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Vision Based Planning is not endorsed by nor affiliated with ExxonMobil.

Vision Based Planning simplifies retirement planning for ExxonMobil employees by offering tailored guidance, tax efficiency, and clear explanations of retirement options, ultimately helping you make informed choices to secure your financial future.

  1. Streamlined Investment Guidance: ExxonMobil employees often encounter unique challenges when planning for retirement, such as limited investment choices in the Voya Savings Plan (401k). Vision Based Planning provides clear guidance on rebalancing your 401(k) investments to maximize your retirement savings.
  2. Tax-Efficient Retirement: If you plan to retire from ExxonMobil before age 59.5, Vision Based Planning helps you navigate tax planning issues, ensuring that you make informed decisions to minimize taxes during your retirement years.
  3. Tailored Retirement Decisions: Our financial advisors assess your financial situation, including assets, liabilities, and income needs, to help
    you make informed choices about when to retire and whether to take a lump sum or monthly annuity from your pension distribution.
  4. Pension Distribution Options: Vision Based Planning provides clarity on the pension distribution options available at retirement, primarily focusing on the choice between a lump sum or monthly annuity. We also explain the variations within the monthly annuity category, including spousal benefit options.
  5. Control and Legacy: Many ExxonMobil retirees opt for the lump sum distribution, and Vision Based Planning empowers you to make this choice confidently. This option allows you to take control of your investment decisions and provides the opportunity to leave a financial legacy for your children and grandchildren.